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Towness Promo Prepaid Scheme

Shopping at becomes even more convenient with Towness Prepaid, convenience and savings in one bundle. This service has been introduced after collecting extensive feedback from our existing customers.

Join the Promo Prepaid Program, What is Promo Prepaid ?

pay for current order on delivery by cheque in favour of "Town Essentials Pvt. Ltd" or pay Rs 10,000 and join the promo prepaid program.

When you hand over a cheque of Rs 10,000 or more to the delivery staff:

  • You pay for the order being delivered.
  • The balance is added to your cash balance.
  • Earn 20% in promo point that is 2000 promo points will be added to your promo balance. please note that in this scheme you are earning the promo balance in advance vs with every purchase.
  • You eliminate the hassle of cash / change for the next few orders.
  • The more you pay the more promo points you earn:
      Rs 10,000 - Rs 24,999 you earn 20% promo points.
      Rs 25,000+ you earn 30% promo points
  • Please note your payment / cash payment / promotion redemption history can be checked at all times in your account.
  • Save the hassle of cash / change and earn extra promo points.

Some questions you may have

Q1: I have placed an order for Rs 1800 and are expecting delivery at 6 pm. How do I join the program?

A1: When the delivery staff delivers your order, please hand over a cheque for Rs 10,000/- in favour of "Town Essentials Pvt. Ltd.". Rs 1800 will be deducted for the current order and Rs 8,200/- will be added to your cash balance, in addition 2000 promo points will be added to your promo balance.

Q2: What is the real benefit of joining this program.?

A2: You don't have to deal with cash / change when the order is delivered. Also you get 20% value of promo points upfront which you can start redeeming from the 1st order itself. Else you earn a max of 15% (600) when you place an order of Rs 4000/-, 10% (50) on an order of Rs 500/- and everything in between.

lets say you place 8 orders 2 of Rs 750, 2 of Rs 1000, 3 of Rs 1500 and 1 of Rs 2000.

promo points for 1st 2 orders = 2*50 = 100

 for 3rd and 4th orders = 2*126 = 252

 5th,6th and 7th orders = 3*126 = 378

    8th order = 1*276 = 276


total promo points = 1006 (you earn nearly double the points)


Please note after the current order has been accounted for, the returns are even better.

Q3: The choice of promo products is not broad enough?

A3: We have taken this feedback and will continue to add products on a periodic basis.

If you have any more questions, you can call Prepaid Scheme at +91-888-4262-333 and seek further clarification.