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Town is committed to a number of social initiatives through its Managing Director, Amar Krishnamurthy.

Smart vote

Amar founded Smart vote in 2009 - a voluntary, non-profit organisation, without any political patronage, it was created to provide the public, information regarding candidates standing for election at various levels, thus enabling the public to make an informed choice. The aim of the organisation is to work on a system to get better leaders elected and held accountable.

A pilot project to achieve the above goal in Koramangala (WARD 151), Bangalore was received very well during the Bangalore Council elections in April 2010.

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Adarsha Vidya Samsthe (AVS)

Amar is also a member of the governing council at Adarsha Vidya Samsthe (AVS), a rural school run by Marali Hallige Trust. This school is in Addagal Village, Karnataka, about 110 km from Bangalore and the students come from surrounding villages. Many of them travel from as far as 10 km each way.

AVS was started initially with the vision of imparting vocation oriented training to help school dropouts. It was soon realised that to achieve their vision and help the rural children, they would need to start at the early stage in a child’s life by establishing a good school in that area. The need for a quality value-based education which emphasised individuality, creativity, discipline, and hygiene right from an early age would help build a good foundation through which the children could grow up with confidence, hope, ambition and a will to learn and explore.

The vision is to create a model school that imparts a good value-based education and vocational training for the children of Addagal and its surrounding villages.

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